Our secure client portal makes delivering advice as easy as it should be

Centralise your client communication, improve your data security and deliver a seamless digital experience to your clients.

Think you’ve seen client portals? Think again.

Protecting your clients' data should be your top priority, and the consequences of a security breach can be devastating. Stay informed about the advantages of using password-protected PDFs versus a Client Portal to ensure your clients' information is always safe and secure.

One central, digital location for your clients to update their information, and share documents. Simple, seamless and secure.

It's time to upgrade how you do business

Stop chasing clients for info

Save 4 hours per client and weeks off your onboarding process

Stop using unfriendly tech tools

Our client portal shares information seamlessly with your CRM

Giving advice should be easier

Keep things simple by having one place to work with clients

Go from this

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Complex & time-consuming

  • Email
  • Spreadsheets
  • Paper Fact Finds
  • PDF Fact Finds
  • Phone Calls

To this

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Simple & seamless

Client Portal
“Over 95% of clients embrace the client portal - even clients in their 80s! The Xplan integration is fantastic and I love having a safe and easy place to interact with my clients."
John Hill
Murphy Hill Private Wealth,
Oreana Financial Services

Welcome to our new client portal


Digital Fact find


Secure client portal with 2FA


Digital signatures


Request of documents

Client task management
advice crm
Integrated with advice CRM

All this for $99  per month per adviser

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