31 October, 2023

DevOps Engineer

Full Time Regular
Years of Experience: 3
Department: Development
Work from home and join a fast-growing Australian fintech company! We’re seeking an experienced DevOps Engineer who has a background with software development and IT operations.
Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • 3 years experience working on Cloud projects
  • 3 years experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar role
  • 2 years experience with cloud platform infrastructure
    • Preferably AWS, but Azure and GCP are acceptable
  • Professional experience in containers such as Kubernetes, Docker
    • Preferably with experience in Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate
  • Professional experience in Infrastructure as Code tools:
    • Terraform, Cloudformation, Serverless Framework
  • Professional experience in CI/CD tools
    • Jenkins, AWS code pipeline, Bitbucket pipeline, Github Actions
  • Proficient knowledge of coding languages, databases, and system design.
  • Experience with deploying and managing AI systems.
  • Strong problem-solving mindset and attention to detail.
  • Excellent team player with stellar communication and interpersonal skills.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Infrastructure security: Design and implement secure cloud architectures with proper security measures.
  • Access management: Manage user access with authentication, authorization, and RBAC.
  • Configuration management: Automate resource provisioning and configuration while enforcing security policies.
  • Vulnerability management: Monitor and apply security patches and conduct vulnerability assessments.
  • Incident response: Establish procedures, collaborate with security teams, and improve security practices.
  • Security monitoring and logging: Implement logging, monitoring, and alerting for real-time detection of security events.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements: Ensure security practices align with relevant frameworks and standards.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment: Develop and optimize continuous deployment pipelines, implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD pipelines) and document all DevOps and continuous delivery processes and procedures.
Additional Notes:
This is a full-time position following the 9 AM to 6 PM Manila schedule.

About Advice Revolution

Advice Revolution was started by advisers who understand the challenges of capturing information from clients and running a profitable advice business.

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Why Join Advice Revolution?

We’re shaping the future of financial services!

Initially driven by dissatisfaction with ‘old-school’ solutions and convoluted processes, we set out to revolutionize the financial advice industry. Utilizing our own proprietary technology, we’ve streamlined the back office of financial advice businesses, making life easier and more efficient for both financial advisors and their clients.

But that was just the beginning. Since our public launch in 2021, we’ve grown exponentially, expanding our vision to become more than just a digital fact-finding solution. Our integration platform now serves large financial services enterprises like investment platforms and life insurers, using custom middleware applications that enhance user experiences.

Our primary goal is to unleash your digital capabilities by facilitating connections, streamlining integrations, and catalyzing business transformation, all aimed at delivering a top-tier digital experience.

To learn more about our organization and the unique offerings we’re developing, feel free to navigate to www.advicerevolution.com.au.

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