Why our investors are choosing Advice Revolution

  1. Our product is delivering results, with our current clients reporting an average saving of 200 hours of human effort per adviser per year inside their business thanks to our tools.
  2. Our revenue growth places us within the top 5% of similar businesses, globally.
  3. Our strong team is growing, with Helen Thom (ex-Midwinter and Morningstar) recently joining our team as Head of Sales, and Dave Curran (ex-Westpac CIO) and Michael Guggenheimer (ex-AMP) becoming members of our advisory board in recent years.
  4. Our success with some of the industry’s largest premium advice firms has created a highly-qualified large practice pipeline of approximately $3.8M of annual subscription revenue.
  5. Our future plans include an increased focus in the technology integration space, enabling international expansion into a US$4b global market.
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