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If you have a CRM, integrate it first by going to the Integrations page. Choose your CRM and your site. Then, connect.

Go to Practice Details page and provide your Practice ABN, Address, Licensee, Licensee #, etc…

Add your client’s details by just clicking on the Add Client button. If you have the details in your CRM, just sync those data by click on Sync Clients button and they will be pulled to AR.

Clients can answer the Mini Fact questionnaire or complete the Full Fact Find through our secured client portal. You can also create a task for them or use an existing task template for client’s to-do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you select the client you wanted to send the Client Portal Invitation to, the email address gets populated automatically. But sometimes we want to change it to another email address. Hence, we change it manually and that’s where we get an error message.

This error means that the email address you are trying to send the invitation is already associated to an account, be it another client (can be a spouse) or adviser.

The solution is to use another email address that is not associated with an existing client.

In a case where you have a couple-client that shares the same email address and you want to send it the spouse, please follow steps below:
Choose the client where the email address is associated. In most cases, email address is associated to the primary client.
Change the salutation to the spouse’s name

This could be due to a typo error. We have to enure first that we have the correct email addresses, kindly go to your User Profile and check if the email is correctly spelled.

Check the email and ensure that it is spelled correctly, the type is Home Email and the preferred is Yes.

You can check also your email’s spam/junk folder.

Another reason could be your company restricts you receiving emails outside of your organisation. You can ask your company’s IT administrator about it and how it can be made possible.

You can change your adviser details in the User Profile page located on the top-right corner of your AR page.

For your Practice details, you can also update it in the Practice Proilfe page on the top-left corner of your AR Page.

The client needs to activate their login and create first their password. In the email, there is a link for them to create their password and activate their login.

If the client hasn’t received the email, please get them to check their Spam/Junk folder. Please ensure also that it is the correct email address for the client.

If the client cannot see the email, the adviser can resend the Client Portal Invitation. In this case, the email content will only have the login link. Please advise them to click on the login link and they will be redirected to the Sign-up page. When in sign-up page, there is a link “Forgot Password”. Please advise them to click on it and follow the instruction to reset their login and password.

  • We have implemented a range of methods to secure your clients data.
    Strong password policy and auto lockout of system for incorrect attempts
  • 2 factor authentication for advisers via authentication app
  • 2 factor authentication for clients via text message
  • The database is encrypted at rest
  • Data is encrypted in transmission to our integrations such as Xplan
  • We conduct regular penetration checks
  • In the process of achieving ISO 27001
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