Password-Protected PDF
vs Client Portal

Protecting your clients and their data

As a Financial Planner, you’re required to transfer sensitive information every day. Considering the ever-increasing security risks associated with internet communication it’s more important than ever for advisers to find secure means of file transfer that help them protect their business and clients’ information.

Most people believe that PDF password protection helps to keep their data secure and safe. However, this isn’t true. Although passwords have been the most common form of security by which users secure a PDF file, it has also been the most vulnerable.




So what is my alternative?

Client Portal.

Advice Revolution can provide your clients with a secure client portal, reduce the cost of advice and speed up your delivery with a great client experience.
A great client portal can benefit your advice business by giving clients a central point of information, improving client engagement, improving transparency and aiding compliance, improving security, and providing on-the-go access for clients via mobile devices.
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