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CPD Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below and get a passing score of 4 above to get the CPD Certificate.
1. Professional Planner Pty Ltd (PPPL) is the AFS licensee. PPPL authorises six ARs, including the director and owner of PPPL. Can PPPL receive referral fees from Allcount Accounting, an unrelated accounting firm with offices in the same building as PPPL?(Required)
2. Which of the following would be allowable under the Code of Ethics?(Required)
A. A payment from Risk Rollers Pty Ltd to Ambient Pty Ltd for referring clients to Risk Rollers for a life insurance assessment where both Ambient Pty Ltd and Risk Rollers Pty Ltd are CARs of AllGroup’s AFS licensee
B. A profit share between AllGroup Pty Ltd, Risk Rollers Pty Ltd and Ambient Pty Ltd that is reviewed annually
C. A contract in place between Richard Rock of Risk Rollers and Henty Law Group where Henty pays Richard a percentage of the fees earned for referring clients to Henty
D. A rental subsidy provided by AllGroup Pty Ltd to Risk Rollers Pty Ltd
3. Which of the following statements best represents intangible benefits to a client?(Required)
A. My adviser holds me to account in terms of my financial goals and objectives, by regularly reviewing my progress towards achieving them.
B. My adviser has given me clarity around what actions I need to take in order to pay off my home loan sooner and transition to retirement earlier than I first thought.
C. The adviser was able to articulate how much tax would be saved by salary sacrificing into superannuation and the increase in the client’s superannuation balance at retirement.
D. The adviser has provided the client with confidence and education and the client has remained in their investments during a significant market downturn.
4. In which of the following examples is the financial adviser (Patrick) demonstrating unconscious bias?(Required)
A. Patrick insists that he interviews all new hires in his practice, as he wants to make sure everyone thinks the same way as he does, to ensure he continues to deliver on his CVP.
B. Before making any decisions, Patrick determines all possible outcomes and asks for input from other employees first.
C. Patrick tends to favour those clients who live in the same suburb as him and whose children attend the same school as his.
D. Before making any notes, Patrick takes the time to get to know his client first so that he can develop a solid and real impression of that person as a whole.
5. Which of the following situations would be considered fair and reasonable?(Required)
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