Advice Revolution helps firms reduce client book migration time by up to 35%

Businesses are struggling with the burden of fulfilling ASIC’s ‘know your client’ obligations in situations where multiple clients simultaneously require advice. These requirements are taking up to 8 Weeks for 100 clients to move from one licensee to another.

Advice Revolution is helping advice firms to retain more of these clients and simplify the onboarding process through their digital fact-finding solutions, with time savings of between 1.5 and 5 hours per client. Businesses who are required to migrate a book of clients, either due to Licensee change or acquisition, are reducing the migration project time for a client book by up to 5 weeks.

Advice Revolution’s client engagement solutions provide a suite of tools to enhance the pre-meeting and in-meeting experience for financial advice clients. Through its two-way data sync with leading advice CRMs such as XPLAN, Advice Revolution enables clients to directly verify existing information prior to meetings, with any changes flowing directly through into the CRM. Since their launch in 2020, Advice Revolution has now integrated directly with the CRMs of licensees including Oreana Financial Services, Centrepoint Alliance, Count Financial and Easton Wealth.

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